Limited edition, printed on blue paper
Original artwork throughout by Michael Salerno
Kiddiepunk, 2016


"Novi Sad is a truly singular and profound experience. Make no mistake, Jackson is showing us the Future of Now. He is gazing, as J.G. Ballard did, five minutes into the future to show us a world where the news grows increasingly bizarre with each passing day. Much like the work of David Lynch or Harmony Korine, Jackson’s world is one that, despite all logic, you know must be true, not because it looks true, but because it feels true." 
- Electric Literature

"One of the Best Books of 2016"
in Vice, Entropy, Lit-Reactor, Vol. One Brookyn

Set in a bombed-out cityscape, this haunting novella follows a group of friends who take up residence in an abandoned hotel as they await the end of the world.

The melancholic dream story is filled with mysterious disappearances, floating corpses and decaying memories. Though a standalone work, Novi Sad is also a sister book to Jeff Jackson’s acclaimed novel Mira Corpora.

"In a time when it’s hard to say if the apocalypse is happening or still to come, Jeff Jackson gives us a tale that blurs the lines between our many possible fates. Novi Sad forces us to examine the consequences of adults who’ve run the world like children and in their folly left the world to children made to live in the rags of dignity they’ve stripped from the corpses about them. At once magisterial and decrepit, heartening and glum, this book will make you consider the power of our shadows, and of their dangers, too. The places of our imaginations, Jackson reminds us, are often so much more than real."
- D. Foy, author of Made to Break and Patricide