Works of assemblage and collage that transform ordinary objects into ritualistic totems, offering hints of narrative without divulging a full story.

SEMINA LOUNGE Installation space with rotating exhibits located in Goodyear Arts in Camp North End, Charlotte, NC. Assemblages by Jeff Jackson. Calligraphy by Morgan Matthieu Tran.

Open 365, 24/7, by appointment only. @seminalounge  [instagram]



The ruined city is all around us. It’s the aristocracy who’ve become invisible—their footprints are never spotted among the rubble. Ragmen occasionally recount sightings of horse-drawn carriages and glimpses of powdered wigs, but most discount these as pure fantasy. Yet rumors persist that the gentry still mince and frolic in their gated enclaves, clandestine porticos, recessed terraces. They’re reputed to gather in pristine glass penthouses which can be seen only from certain angles at certain times of day. There are even some who claim to cater sumptuous parties for the vaporous elites in their empty estates. In verandas outlined by manicured hedgerows and inhabited only preening statues, a tuxedoed server will be instructed to stand motionless. The scene is desolate except for the faint spectral chatter of conversation and the delicate chiming of glassware. The servant holds the hors d’oeuvres perfectly still and before he can straighten his shoulders, the silver tray is picked clean.




Ritual for Lengthening the Shadow of the Sun

Ritual for Broken Beginnings

Ritual for Replacing Redacted Feelings  

Ritual for Collapsing New Buildings

Ritual for the Missing Time Zone

Ritual for the 13th Month

Ritual for Cleansing Defective Dreams  

Ritual for Resuscitating the Sky

Ritual for Casting Out Spirits

Ritual for the Disappearance of Next Year

Ritual for Repressed Moonlight

Ritual for Displaced Nouns

Grid of Eternal Return